Wordless Wednesday- Our new additions

This post is part of the Blogpaws wordless Wednesday blog hop.

I’d like to introduce the newest additions to the Loved and Pampered Pet family. Triops! Triops, also known as tadpole shrimp, are tiny crustaceans. Like sea monkeys, these guys can live as eggs in a state of paused development until you buy them and provide the right conditions for growth. They don’t look very loved or pampered right now in this bowl, but I’m following the directions.  Today they are 72 hours old. Today is day 3, and we get to feed them for the first time. At day 5 they move onto adult food, and at day 8 they can move into their permanent home.  Stop by next week for new photos, and a view of their permanent set up.

Temporary home; not impressive I know.


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