Valentine’s Heart Craft – Cat Toy

It’s been a while since I did a craft, and it’s really been bugging me, so I started searching Pinterest (as if I needed an excuse right?). Anyway, I found this adorable baby toy craft, and realized it would be perfect for cat toys too. Gus is getting older and enjoys toys, but doesn’t play a lot. Saint, on the other hand, is up to no good 24/7, and so anytime I can make something else for him to do it’s a bonus.

New toys = occupied cat = intact sanity. 

This is a sewing project, but I promise it’s easy enough for anyone to do!


Scrap fabric. I used red and white to be festive

Embroidery floss

Crinkle noise paper

(This is not always easy to find in stores, so you can use thin sheets of tin foil as well)


Step 1:

Fold your paper in half and cut out a heart (you should have two identical hearts). If you’re fabric is two sided, make sure you fold the fabric with right sides together.


Step 2: 

Cut your crinkle paper circles to fit inside of your heart.  I could only find this online (link above), but if you don’t have time I found that super thin tin foil works as well. I was able to find this at Dollar Tree (Dollar Tree brand foil is super cheap, and therefore perfectly thin). I cut three circles per toy.


Optional step:

Embroider a message on one of your hearts. I did not use fabric paint because I know my cat will chew on these.


Step 3:

Sew one half of your hearts together, put in your crinkle paper circle, and then sew up the other half. I found that cutting a piece of floss twice around my heart gave me plenty to work with.


That’s it, hand it over to your cat and have a blast. You can also add cat nip to these or hang them on a string for a cat teaser too.







Happy Valentine’s day! 


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