Five ways to keep your pets active when you’re not

With warm weather on its way everyone seems to be talking about exercise recently. For those of you who love a good run that’s great, but I, myself, personally… don’t. In truth I’ve always been one to avoid physical activity when possible. In middle school I was known not to dress out for P.E. so I didn’t have to participate, and in high school I lucked out and got to take P.E. with the physics teacher who made all sports optional. And now that I’m grown I do what I need to, to stay healthy, but no more.
Many people are not physically active whether as a habit or through some situation such as health problems, a broken leg, recovering from surgery, ect. The problem is, good exercise is so important for your pet, and maintaining your pet’s health is an important part of truly pampering your pets. Giving your pet good exercise helps them maintain a proper weight, reduces stress levels, and stimulates their minds to prevent boredom (just to name a few benefits).

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