Pumpkin Oat Dog Treats

I know pumpkin season is pretty much over, and that makes me sad, but the good side is that stores are putting their left over stock on great sales. While at Target last week I found 20oz cans on sale for $1.41, and I had to buy a few. Not only does my family love pumpkin, but so does my dog. Now I’m left with too many ideas on what to do with all this pumpkin. Of course pie, bread, and cake make the cut, but I can’t leave my Max out of the deliciousness. With Valentine’s day coming up tomorrow I thought it would be a great time to make some heart shaped treats and try out a new recipe.

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Frozen Yogurt for Small Mammals

I love ice cream, and I love sharing ice cream with my pets. The only problem is most ice cream is too sugary for animals, especially small mammals, and even I have to admit that sometimes loving your pets means not sharing… almost. What it really means is that you make a pet healthy alternative […]

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