Spring Collar Slip – Accessorizing your dog’s collar

Spring is in full swing. The weather is warm and it’s even raining today. I wish it were tomorrow so I could call them April showers, but it’s close enough I guess. I think Spring is my second favorite season. First fall, then spring, and winter vs summer is a wash.  I love spring because of the flowers, and butterflies, and the super cute clothes. So, as any pet parent would do, I decided to share that love with my dog. As usual this outfit isn’t very masculine, but Max is a good sport and really doesn’t care what I dress him in. I did buy some steel colored buttons with stars for another project, but these flower buttons were so cute I had to use them first.

I decided to make a collar slip. If you haven’t seen these before, they are exactly what the name implies. Tubes of fabric that slip over your pet’s collar.  You can make them with any fabric (I’ve seen some people sew bandanas onto them), and they’re just fun. Plus, the don’t use a lot of material so almost any scrap fabric will work perfectly. I bought a quilting square for .75 at Walmart and was able to make three.

One more thing. I’ve heard some small dog parents complaining that the decorative collars don’t always come small enough. I can tell you they often don’t come big enough either. So for those of you with abnormally small or abnormally big dogs; this is for you.

P.S.S. – You will notice different beads in the project than the final product, because I goofed up the first flower slip. When I went to sew the slip closed the flowers were too big, and I could not. So I hemmed the long edges and sewed another ribbon to each end so it can be tied closed like a necklace. This then made it big enough for Max to wear – bonus. If you don’t want to deal with flipping your project at the end, you can always do this.

Here’s the project:




  • Scrap fabric. Just enough to be twice as wide as your collar and almost as long
  • Buttons
  • Beads
  • Ribbon
  • A beading needle is nice, but a regular one works too
  • A sewing machine


Step 1

Cut your fabric. To measure the length, measure from the end of your collar around to the clip or buckle. For the width, measure 1″ wider than your collar on both sides. This will give you a 1/2″ seam allowance on both sides, and enough room to slip the collar through.


Step 2

With right sides together sew one long side of the collar slip together and hem both short ends.


Step 3

Cut your ribbon to size (I made mine 1″ shorter than the slip on both ends) and line it up on your seam. Sew down both edges of the ribbon.


Step 4

Hand sew your buttons and beads if desired.


Step 5

With right sides together sew the other length of your slip. Turn the slip inside out. I haven’t found any magic trick to this. I just work slowly and pull it through little by little. If you know one, please comment!






And that’s it. Now you can dress up your dog’s collar any time!


This is what the flower bead necklace looks like on the inside. It’s the exact same, except I couldn’t close it at the end.




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