Six Ways to Play with a Tennis Ball

What’s the most versatile thing in the dog world?

A tennis ball.  In fact I really can’t think of anything more adaptable. They’re a staple, like pacifiers for babies. Max has about eight, and I know he’s on the low end!  I love them though because they’re simple, easy to find, and inexpensive; which makes it that much easier to cut up and change up. I love giving my animals new things to play with and explore, and I often see all kinds of things to do with tennis balls. Here are six of the most popular, and easy to make, toys that anyone can make out of this classic ball.

*Warning: Always, always, always supervise your pets with DIY toys

Crackle tennis ball:

Cut a large slit in your tennis ball. Cut two or three bands of a plastic water bottle. Stuff the plastic into the tennis ball. Try to cut the slit as small as you can, so your dog can’t get the bottle pieces out (they’re sharp). I cut my slit big so you can see inside.

Treat Dispenser ball:

Cut an x shaped slit in your ball. Fill the ball with small treats.


Rope and ball:

Cut two X shaped slits on opposite ends of your ball. Cut three long (about three feet) strips out of an old shirt. Braid the strands. Pull the strands through both ends of your  ball. Tie off at both ends.



Ball in a sock:

Put your tennis ball inside a large tube sock and tie off the end. For mine I used the rest of the shirt from above.



Tennis ball puzzle:

Fill a muffin with several tennis balls. Hide a treat under one ball and let your dog find it. Hide again and repeat.


As a tennis ball

Cutting up balls, filling them with things, covering them is all fun, but in all your DIYness, don’t forget the power of simplicity. Sometimes it’s great just to go fetch a ball.



Got more tennis ball toy ideas? Tell me about them in the comments.


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