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Now that the weather is warming up and the sun is getting stronger, it’s a perfect time to get outside. Better yet, it’s a perfect time to get your reptiles outside. Natural sunlight is so good for reptiles. Not only does it provide that warmth they love and need so much, but it also provides essential UVB rays and Vitamin D3. These are necessary for things like development and  digestion (you know those things that help you live), and also your pet’s mental health.  There are some great synthetic lights that simulate sun exposure, but in the end, it’s not the same thing. Think about yourself, would you rather go out and feel the sun or sit in an office with a vitamin D lamp on the back of your legs…exactly.

Ok, so your reptile needs the sun, but how do you make sure they get it?  Go outside!! Dog’s aren’t the only ones who benefit from getting out. Holding your reptile while you walk outside is so good for them. Not only do they get to hang out in natural sun, but it’s great bonding time. I love getting out with Don.

Compared to the dog and the kids Don is such a quite presence in the house. Unless I take this special time for him he gets left out a little, and with the cold weather, that’s exactly what has happened. To say the least Don’s been a little down. When I noticed he’d been two days without eating I kicked myself for not spending more time with him, I put the dog in the bedroom and took Don right outside.  Because he’s so squirmy it’s really hard to hold him outside for long though, and I knew he needed the time. Then I remembered a picture I saw several months ago (of course I can’t remember where) of a lizard in a pop up laundry hamper, and decided to give it a try.

It worked great! I love this because it means your pets can just hang out. If you’re outside gardening, playing with another pet, reading a good book, whatever it is you do outside, your lizard can just hang out. They  can walk around and just bask in real sunlight without you having to worry about them running off. Plus this is so easy, and I found the hamper at The Dollar Tree. I would not recommend this for tiny pets, but if you have a slightly bigger reptile you should go buy a hamper and use it all summer long.

Words of warning

  •  if you’re going to be outside for an extended period of time (longer than 10 minutes) put a water dish in with your pets, or mist them once and a while.
  • Do not leave your pet alone. This pin is not reptile safe, not reptile proofed: parental supervision is required!
  • Keep an eye out for large birds. They can see through the netting, but won’t go for your pet if you are right there. Again just stay close, parental supervision is required!


Ok so onto the project


Pop up netted laundry hamper

Stapler with staples



Step 1

Pop out your hamper and lay it down.

*Tip: I put my hamper down on a blanket because we spray our yard for fleas and weeds.


Step 2

Place your pet inside.

*Tip: you may want to do this, and the following steps in an enclosed space, like the bathroom if you have a pet that runs away.


Step 2

Staple the two opposite sides without handles closed


Step 3

Tie the two opposite sides with handles closed


Step 4

Flip the side bag around the open end of the hamper and stable it down.


Step 5

Read a good book while your pet enjoys the sun and fresh air.




How often do you get your reptiles outside for some natural sun?


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