Fish, to me, are one of the most taken for granted pets. We see them everywhere and they never seem to be up to much. However, they have more character than people give them credit for, and are so much smarter than we tend to realize.  For those who spend an unusual amount of time talking to their fish (first of all I understand you. I once even had a college roommate say I talked to my fish more than her, and she was right) you know that every fish is unique, just like we are. Some fish are timid and content to stay in their hide, while others are always at the tank wall ready to greet you with fishy joy. Some fish, such as Bettas, can even be trained to do tricks, and enjoy human companionship. Whether you keep a single fish or you’re an aquarium hobbyist, look around in the menu above to find new ways you can give your fish top notch love.


So what about fish as pets?

  • It turns out that people started keeping fish, for decoration, in China as far back as 960AD.
  • Today the most expensive fish is the Asian arowana which can sell at up to $400,000
  • The most common pet is a Betta Fish.

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