Make This Simple Bird Treat Toy

Two things birds love best, entertainment and treats. This toy combines both for an easy, 4 step, DIY bird treat toy.

I love giving animals treats. Really, I do! It’s like my heart just wants fat animals even though my brain knows better. That’s why I love treat toys. They combine giving your pets what they want with giving your pets what they need. For a bird, that could not be more important. We all know how birds get when they don’t get what they want… but seriously, mental and physical enrichment is so important to your birds health and happiness. When birds are board they become destructive and annoying. And it isn’t really their fault, it’s just a character trait of birds. So, as pet parents, it’s our job to take care of those needs. I love this toy because it gives your bird something to do for a little while, and great food to keep their tummy happy. This won’t keep them entertained all day, but if you’re looking for a quick way to throw something new into their environment, then you have to try this craft!

This treat toy was made using a just two supplies and a few ingredients that birds love. Everything I used was recycled and already in my pantry. It’s amazing how often you can recycle your everyday items into perfect short term bird toys! That’s really a post all of it’s own someday. Happy crafting!

As always, please supervise your pet when presenting a DIY’d toy.


  • Cardboard egg carton
  • Chain or rope
  • Peanut butter
  • Other treats your bird loves (I used bird seed and fresh fruit)


Step 1

Cut the egg carton into a 2×4 section


Step 2

Fill each section with peanut butter


Step 3

Fill it with any other treats you’d like. Make sure it’s stuck in the peanut butter so it doesn’t come out when you hang it


Step 4

Attach a chain or rope through the carton and hang it for your bird.











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