DIY Doggie Headband

Don’t you love headbands?!  They are such a cute way to throw your hair back in a pinch. I love those days when my curls cooperate and I can use a headband to push them out of my face and still show them off (otherwise I wrap them up and hide them in a bun).  I know that doesn’t seem to have much to do with pets, but what I’m getting at today is dog headbands! A super easy, ten minute craft that will look as cute on your pet as it does on you. *Bonus, you can make matching ones. I just thought of that, and it’s now on my to do list (I love Max, but sometimes I need a girl dog).   Anyway… super easy craft –  three supplies, one tool, and your pooch is ready for a beautiful hair day at the park! Let’s get started shall we?


Blank headbands –  Don’t buy the kind at the dollar store they snap way to easily

Ribbon of your choice – you can get thin ribbon for a thick band, but not the other way around

Elastic – the same width as you band

Any decorations

Hot glue gun


Step 1

Put the headband on your pet and measure the elastic to go around their chin. When in doubt, measure to big. You can always fix that at the end


Step 2

Use your hot glue gun to glue the elastic ends to the ends of your headband

Step 3

Wrap your ribbon around your band, gluing as you go.  Be sure to start at the beginning and cover up where your elastic connects, and stop about two inches before the other end. Just a note about your ribbon: It looks nicer and is easier if you use a ribbon that is about the same width as your band.


Step 4

Glue the other end of your elastic to the exposed end of your band and finish wrapping.

Step 5

Make and add any decorations to your headband. I added a yellow bow in this case.


Step 6 – if you need it. 

If you put your head band on and find it’s too big, simply cut out the needed amount of elastic (center it) and sew the ends back together. You’ll barely notice.


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