Reptile hand print keepsake: with reptile safe paint recipe

Paw prints are the perfect keepsake craft to do with your pets. They are literally the pet version of preschool handprints. You can even color things around them to make more elaborate artwork. This post is not about making fancy paw prints, but about making safe paint so you can get creative with your pets, or just make a simple keepsake.

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Two Step DIY Pine Bedding

So the other day I took my younger daughter to the park. We go every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but this time we just happened to go after a few days of heavy wind. We played just like normal and then got ready to go home.  One the way out though, Aubrey saw this huge stick, a small branch really, and had to pick it up. I really can’t say anything about my kids picking stuff up off the ground, because I still do it all the time. So we each picked up a small branch and carried them back to the car.

Originally I was thinking I could clean these branches up and use them as a climbing structure, but I soon noticed that the wood was very soft so I made bedding instead. Pine bedding is a great substrate for just many reptiles. If you need a humid environment, it holds moisture well, and if you need a dry one pine is nice and soft (great for burrowing). So here’s how we made it

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Six great uses for coconut

Ok, so today I want to talk about coconuts. Do you know how versatile a coconut is? I’ll be honest, I really never thought about it. I don’t eat them, so I don’t pay them any attention (sounds like a dog’s mentality… and I’m actually ok with that). But last week, being DIY home accessories […]

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