Guide to a Pet Disaster Pack

It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in natural disasters, of some sort, are universal. Nobody likes to think about them, but being prepared is the most important thing you can do!!! My usual plan is: worry a bunch when nothing is happening, make a plan, get prepared, and then hopefully never have think about it again. Here in Florida, hurricanes are our most common threat. We haven’t gotten a bad hit in quite a long time, but we had two little ones pass through last year, and we’ve already had a couple tropical storms blow through this summer. In my lifetime, Florida mostly gets hit in the fall, so it’s that time again when families start going through their supplies and making sure everything is in order. I found this great resource for getting your all your pet’s ducks in a row when it comes to natural disasters. No matter what kind of disasters come your way, be it hurricanes or something else, I can’t stress enough the importance of being prepared, not just you, but your pets too.

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Pet Photography 101

As pet parents, one of the things we like to do most is take pictures of our pets. I mean what parent doesn’t love snapping tons of pictures and sharing them with random strangers. We all do it. The cashier at Tractor Supply showed me pictures of her dog the other day. And let’s not forget social media! So, I figured, if we’re going to spend all this time taking and sharing pictures, why not take a few extra seconds to make sure our pictures are amazing.

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Six great uses for coconut

Ok, so today I want to talk about coconuts. Do you know how versatile a coconut is? I’ll be honest, I really never thought about it. I don’t eat them, so I don’t pay them any attention (sounds like a dog’s mentality… and I’m actually ok with that). But last week, being DIY home accessories week I cracked one open for the first time, and once I did I opened up a world of ideas on what to do with it. So if coconuts go on sale near you, or your looking for a natural and inexpensive addition to your pets habitat check out some of these ideas.

**Side note about coconuts. I was wondering what this food is actually classified as so I looked it up, and then I got sucked in. Apparently a coconut can be called a fruit, a nut, and a seed (fascinating); with nut being the least correct. It is technically called a “drupe” and is in the same family as peaches, mangos and olives.

So anyway…onto the coconut projects!


Coconut Mouse Nest

Coconut is great for rodents. It is the perfect size for most small rodents to fit inside, it’s attractive in your cage, and it’s perfectly safe for chewing on.


Coconut Bird Nest

If secured properly a coconut half can be a perfect nest for a small bird.

*Note: Please use strong rope or small chains for securing your nest. I used yarn just for display purposes, but would never use anything so weak for a real bird. (Chains are best, because they cannot be chewed through)


Coconut Hermit Crab Hide (Also great for Tarantulas)

An upside down coconut half is a perfect place for little pets to hide. Again, this is a natural decoration that will look great in your tank. The great thing about this hide, is that it will also help hold humidity. Spray inside the coconut once a day and the natural fibers will help hold that moisture in.


Coconut Bedding

Smashing or shredding a coconut shell is a great natural bedding, that’s safe for most pets to chew on if they choose to. P.S. – smashing coconut it is a great stress reliever. I placed mine in two plastic grocery bags, wrapped it tightly and wacked it like crazy (apparently also a good way to fuse plastic bags together, who knew).


Coconut Snack

Once you hollow out your coconut, use some of the meat as a great snack. Animals that can eat coconut include: rodents, hermit crabs, dogs, and tropical birds

Another suggestion is to hollow one side, and let your pet eat the other side. Just be sure if you do this, you take the coconut out after a bit, so as to monitor intake.


Coconut Chew

Rodents are always in need of something the wear down their teeth. Place an empty coconut shell in their home and let them chew. Easy.

If you found this useful, or if you know any other uses for this amazing fruit seed nut thing please let me know in the comments. Thanks so much.


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30 minute DIY bird toys

Birds are such smart animals that unfortunately they get bored easily. Constantly buying new toys for them gets expensive, and I hardly ever have the time (and I don’t have the tool knowledge) to make something super duper great. So I came up with two very easy bird toys that will take you less than an hour to make and will keep your bird entertained for a couple days.

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Easy and Fun DIY Pet Food Dish

So all over Pinterest I have been seeing craft ideas with nail polish and water. If you haven’t done this yet, it’s worth a try just to see the effect. I first heard about it when I was doing a colors week with my kids. The idea is that you put clear nail polish in water and then quickly dip a piece of black paper in it. The result is a beautiful rainbow swirl on the paper.  Several months later we used the same technique to marble different colors onto my daughter’s nails. So I got to thinking, why not try it on the cat bowl. We recently switched my cat from dry food to prescription wet food because he has some tummy issues so he was in need of a new bowl anyway. This project is cheap and easy, and so much fun to look at, you should definitely give it a try.  If I had a bird I would choose colors that matched him; how much fun would that be?!

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