Three Instant Ways to Give Your Pet an Awesome Weekend

The thing I love about animals the most, is that it really doesn’t take much to impress them. Time, love, and treats, and you have a friend for life.  Whatever lives in your house: cat, dog, bird, reptile; give your pet an awesome weekend and foster that unconditional friendship.

Now, I know everyone is busy. Especially on the weekends, we get two whole days to get everything done, and it just isn’t enough, but your I also know your pets are a priority (otherwise you wouldn’t be here). So, I challenge you to use just one of the ideas below to give your pets that awesome weekend. I promise, these ideas are so easy you will have time to check them off your to do list. So say “challenge accepted”. And while your participating snap a photo and post it on the Loved and Pampered Pets Facebook page or on Instagram #awesomepetweekend

Ok, so here are your three challenges. I even made this post super short so there are no excuses.

Give them a half hour

Thirty minutes really isn’t much of your time if you think about it, but it means more to your pet than anything else you can give. Even cats, as antisocial as they may try to appear, want, above all, to spend time with you and feel loved. After the kids go to bed one of my favorite things to do is sit on the bed and pet Gus, just Gus and me. He is always happy to oblige and it works like therapy for me (until he shakes his drool all over like some kind of great dane 🙂  ).


Give them a treat

If you have treats in the house, great. If not, pick some up at the store, or make some. If it’s safe, you can even share some of your own food. It’s really about the extra treat, not how much time you spend or how gourmet your treats are. However you do it, your furbaby will love a little extra yummy in their weekend.



This may or may not sound fun to you, but exercise provides physical and mental stimulation that is critical to your pet’s happiness and long life. Take a walk, a jog, or a bike ride. Pull out a favorite toy (laser pointer anyone). Go to the dog park or set up a play date with the dog next door. There are so many quick and easy ways to get your pet a little extra exercise this weekend. If you, or your pets, aren’t up to physical activity don’t underestimate mental exercise. Do a puzzle, training, add new enrichment…get creative.


There you go. That’s it. Easy right. So go have a great weekend, and don’t forget to share your photos.


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