Thank you for considering Loved and Pampered Pets for your advertising needs. I am thrilled to work with you on all of your pet related sponsorship interests. Please email me for more information about blog statistics, reader logistics, and rates.

Here at Loved and Pampered Pets I am all about promoting top notch care for pets of all species. I work hard to provide my animals with the best in food, enrichment, habitat, and love. My goal is to promote that to all of my readers and help them as they work hard for their pets. I am happy to advertise any product or service that meets these same ideals.

Ways to Partner

Product review

If you have a product you would like me to review, please let me know all about it. I will gladly use, or research, your product and provide an honest good review. All posts will contain a disclaimer noting that it is a “sponsored, or paid for, post”

Product Giveaway

If you have a product that you’d like me to review and advertise a giveaway for, I am more than happy to do this. All posts will contain a disclaimer noting that it is a “sponsored, or paid for, post”.

Newsletter Sponsorship

If you choose to sponsor the Loved and Pampered Newsletter your company name will be placed as the sponsor in the heading of the letter, as well as a short description of your products or services in the body. Choose to sponsor as many, or as few, newsletters as you would like. (For every three newsletters sponsored please have two products or services available for me to advertise)

Have another Idea

Please share it with me. I am always open for suggestions.


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