Hi, I’m Heather: pet spoiler and general animal lover. I am a stay at home mother of two kids, a dog, a cat, a bearded dragon, and three Glofish. Throughout my life I have had: cats, dogs, mice, fish, newts, lizards, and snakes. I also once tried to keep a pet flea (but that didn’t last long; like 10 seconds, and then I lost it) Other than that one, every one of my pets has been well loved and luxuriously cared for.

   Before kids, I went to college for Biology and focused in conservation ecology. I have been blessed to work with animals in the field, the office, zoos, and of course in my own home. After trying holding a slotheverything, I decided that animals in captivity are best for me, because I can be more hands on, and that’s my favorite part! I love hanging out with animals while teaching people about their important role in our world and their general amazingness.







girl and poodle on the beach

Of course, I also love having animals in my home where I can cuddle them, dress them, and spoil them rotten! That said, I believe pampering pets goes beyond decadent treats and pet mansions (though that’s a very important part) and into complete love and protection, including: good food, exercise, bonding, and awareness. That’s why I started this blog. Loved and Pampered Pets is a place for pet parents to find and share ideas on creating a happy, healthy, and glamorous life for their pets.







 So have a seat mammal parents, reptile parents, fish parents, bird parents, invertebrate parents (yes, even the spider owners), and small mammal parents. Look around, and get new ideas on how to spoil your pets, and don’t forget to share your own. I hope you enjoy what you see here. And, please, leave comments and get in touch. I’d love to hear all about your babies and how you love them.

P.S. – Nobody’s perfect, so if you catch a mistake, please let me know (nicely and with manners), and I’ll get it fixed right away!


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