8 Ways to Jazz up your Fish Tank

Having a fish tank can be a lot of fun, and not just because you get more animals to love and adore. The tank its self is a blast to decorate. It’s so easy to add just a few accessories here and there and really jazz it up, or change it completely. The best part is, a lot of decorations can actually be useful too: as water cleansers, hiding places, and enrichment.

People often underestimate the importance of a fish’s environment. Just like cats, dogs, birds, and reptiles, fish need an engaging place to live. I don’t recommend completely redecorating, but adding or switching small accessories once and a while will actually provide your fish with new stimuli that will keep them active and healthy.


Live Plants

Adding a live plant, or a few depending on the size of your tank, will not only keep your water cleaner, but also provide your fish with places to hide and forage


Moss Balls

Moss balls are another one that’s great for your water quality. Even better though, some fish, such as bettas, will use these as toys and get great physical and mental exercise.



These can be store bought or homemade (If you plan on making stuff yourself, check out this post for what’s safe and what’s not). Things like Legos, castles, and dragon skulls give your fish places to swim through, over, and in.


Decorative Rocks

Remember those smooth colorful rocks you loved to play with as a kid, and then beg your parents to let you fill a bag full. Now you have a use for them. They are a perfect way to add a pop of color, while still keeping a relaxed feel to your tank.




Ceramic cups (don’t paint them) make great hiding places for fish. I have a cream dish in my tank and I find Elena in there every morning.


Decals or Stickers

While this can’t go inside your tank, decals or stickers are a great way to decorate the walls of your fish tank. I love vinyl decals because they come right off when you’re tired of them and they’re easy to find in any theme and color. We have butterfly and grass decals on our tank. Like a spring time tea party.



We have cups and decals in our tank right now


Florescent Rocks

You don’t have to have Glofish to experience the glow. If your tank came with a black light option, then pick up some florescent rocks or plants or add some florescent decals to the outside of your tank.



You know those gray rocks that you smash with a hammer to reveal beautiful crystals. These rocks are safe to add to your tank. Make sure you give them a good wash then scatter the pieces into your substrate to add some sparkle.

The sparkly white one with the grey border. That’s a cracked geode.



Do you have more simple ways to make your tank fun and beautiful? Let me know in the comments.



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