8 things to do with a kiddie pool your pets will love

Plastic kiddie pools are really amazing things. They are usually about 10.00 and lead to hours of summer fun, but did you know they are great for pets too? Here are eight ways you can use a kiddie pool to make your pet’s day.

1) As a pool.

Fill it up with a little less than half way and let your pets have a water day. Dogs love this, but so do turtles. Get your turtle out of their usual tank and let them take a swim in the pool for a while.

2) Lizard hang out

Leave the pool empty and let your lizard hand out. This gives them a safe and contained place to wander. I do not recommend this for anoles or geckos as they can stick to the sides and climb out. This is perfect for bearded dragons and young iguanas or monitors.


3) Bath

Max will not get into a tub or shower willingly, and he is afraid of the garden hose, so I began using the kiddie pool as his tub. We can bathe outside and it’s the perfect size to hold him.


4) Play Pin

Perfect for cats. Put a couple of small toys in the pool and watch your cat have a great time hitting them around.

5) Pup Play Zone

Fill the pool with just a little bit of water and put a few small dog toys in the pool. Those balls that soak up water are great toys for dogs too!


6) Hide house

Turn the pool upside down and cut an entrance in one side. Cats, rodents, and reptiles will enjoy this giant hide house. If you have an outdoor terrarium this would be a great thing to put in the shaded area for your pet.


7) Digging Bed

Fill the pool with blankets and pillows to burrow in. Your dog, cat, or small mammal will love to rearranging the blankets to fit their comfort, or hiding in them all together.


8) Whelping area

Do you have a cat or dog about to go into labor. Fill the pool with large warm blankets and create an enclosed, warm, and comfy place for your mommy to deliver.

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