Loved and Pampered Pets’ 2017 Awesome Pet Parent Challange

This year I’m making a resolution to become the best pet parent ever, and I want you to join in. From DIY to outings to pampered pet spa days I’m hosting monthly challenges to keep us all on track to making our pets feel like the most loved and pampered pets on the planet.

So I am definitely one of those people that make New Year’s resolutions. Usually they’re things like “get to church on time” “Have a 24 hour turn around on laundry” (Yes one load of laundry can take me two days…or more… This is why I don’t blog about organizing your life, because my dog doesn’t care how long the laundry sits). To be honest, I only stick to about half of them, but I try. This year, I’m setting a huge goal for myself but I have a step by step on how to make it happen. My new year’s resolution for 2017 is to be a better pet parent. We all love our pets, but we all know there are things we can improve on when it comes to showing our love. So this year I’m setting up a monthly challenges that will help me become a better pet parent.

Each month I will be focusing on one aspect of pet parenting: cleaning, loving, exercising, bonding, ect. And, every other Tuesday, I will be sending ideas to help you along, plus featuring awesome parents and their pets.

If you’re passionate about your pets, sign up for the challenge. It will be more fun if we all do it together! Let’s help each other become awesome pet parents in 2017!

To join just add yourself to the email list below. If you sign up here, you will only get emails about the challenge. (If you want regular updates on everything loving and pampering, join my regular email list at the top right). Also don’t forget to follow Loved and Pampered Pets on Facebook or  email me pictures so I can feature you as an awesome parent!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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Here’s the Plan

January – Stay cozy with a DIY. Make accessories for your pets

February – Stay warm in the kitchen. Your pets will love you for this one

March – Warm weather is coming. Get out and exercise

April – Spring Cleaning. Time to deep clean your pet’s space

May – Picture season. Snap some great keepsakes of your pets

June – Summer is here! Go out for treats

July – Summer heat is here. You need a water day

August – Summer is over too soon. Do something brand new

September – Back to school. Learn something new with your pet

October – Cold and flu season. Take your pet in for a checkup

November – The holidays are here. Get ready with your pets

December – The holidays are stressful. Your pet needs a spa day



I can’t wait. We’re gonna be the best pet parents ever!

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9 thoughts on “Loved and Pampered Pets’ 2017 Awesome Pet Parent Challange

  1. What a great challenge and the perfect resolution. Like you I also make resolutions for the new year – I usually keep about half of them. LOL. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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